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Fall Newsletter Release


I am Sue Tebo.  My husband Dave & I are the new owners of Wildbird & Backyard.  We are excited to have started this new adventure and look forward to sharing our passion for wildlife and our love of the outdoors with you.  Although much will remain as it has always been, we have already begun adding many new items in hopes of improving the store you have come to love.  If you haven’t stopped by in a while, you may want to come in to see all that’s new.  You may be quite surprised! 

We have also started a Facebook page to keep you better informed of the day to day goings on at the store.  We will be posting new items as they arrive, as well as sharing advice and helpful information.  Upcoming local birding events and activities as well as in-store specials will be posted regularly.  So please “Like” us and follow Wildbird & Backyard on Facebook.


We are beginning Fall with 20% off all suet and suet feeders. 

Sept 23 through 30.

(while supplies last)


Fall is a great time to be offering suet to our backyard birds.  Fall migratory activity has begun, birds are gathering, getting ready to leave, others are passing through and still more are scouting for areas to find natural foods and feeders to rely on throughout the winter.  The birds may not be eating as much now from your feeders, but they will remember where to find them when Mother Nature decides to cover their natural food sources with snow!


As the weather changes, birds require an increase in their calories to prepare for either migration or coming temperature changes.  Suet is an excellent choice for this.  Suet is high in fat content, which provides a concentrated form of energy and twice the calorie benefit of the same amount of other foods.  Suet attracts many birds; all woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, jays, wrens, thrashers, and more.


Many types of suet are available, blocks or cakes of various sizes, spreadable, nuggets or logs.  Also there are an assortment of seed blocks in many sizes and shapes that also provide food for a variety of birds.  Suet can contain seeds, nuts, fruits, peanut butter, insects and even hot pepper!  To accommodate all those options, suet feeders also come in many sizes and shapes.  Upside down cages for keeping the starlings and weather off, double cages for the little birds, feeders with tail props for woodpecker tails to balance on, cylinders for nuggets, log feeders for providing a more natural setting, and boards for spreadable suet.  These cages/feeders can be hung independently or attached to existing see feeders. 


So, please join us in helping our feathered friends and save a few bucks in the process!


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